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  1. ‘a mysterious benefactor provided the money’ ‘It'll explain all about this mysterious new boy that none of the girls knew about.’ ‘In mysterious circumstances the gold disappeared leaving only its .
  2. strange, not known, or not understood: She's an actress whose inner life has remained mysterious, despite the many interviews she has given. He died in mysterious circumstances, and there is still a .
  3. mys‧te‧ri‧ous /mɪˈstɪəriəs $ -ˈstɪr-/ ●●○ adjective 1 mysterious events or situations are difficult to explain or understand The police are investigating the mysterious deaths of children at the hospital. Benson later disappeared in mysterious circumstances. There’s something mysterious going .
  4. May 30,  · mysterious (comparative more mysterious, superlative most mysterious) Of unknown origin.
  5. Something that is mysterious has a secret-like quality that makes it hard to understand or define, like your mysterious answers that made your friends curious about what you were really up to.
  6. the Lord works in mysterious ways A phrase said when things have not happened as one had hoped or expected. It implies that everything happens for a reason. I know you were really excited about that job, but maybe it's for the best that you didn't get it—the Lord works in mysterious ways, after all.
  7. 1. Mysterious, inscrutable, mystical, obscure refer to that which is not easily comprehended or explained. That which is mysterious, by being unknown or puzzling, excites curiosity, amazement, or awe: a mysterious .
  8. Mysterious definition is - of, relating to, or constituting mystery. How to use mysterious in a sentence.

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