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  1. Managed DNS Master Topics List. Managed DNS Knowledge Base. Accessing Group Permissions Accessing User Permissions Active Failover Active Failover – Modify The Service Adding A Node For Each IP Address Adding CNAME Records For Each Host At Your ISP Adding DNSSEC To Your Zone.
  2. Hidden master is a simple DNS configuration that prevents attacks on the Master DNS server. Usually, this server is not listed at the registrar or as NS record in the DNS zone. This way, the Master DNS server is always protected, as nobody will be able to see that it exist.
  3. Jul 01,  · My hidden DNS master contacts the primary DNS server over a VPN. When named detects a zone update, the standard procedure is to notify all the other name servers listed in that zone (i.e. the servers with NS records for that zone). I don’t want to do that. I don’t want the updates going out over the internet.
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  6. A master (sometimes called primary) DNS server is a DNS server that other DNS servers can automatically transfer zone files from. There are limitations to this way of transferring zone files; zone files transferred this way lose all comments and the ordering of records in the zone file.
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