8 thoughts on “ Alpha Punk - Various - Why Does It Have To Sound Like Shit? (Cassette)

  1. Nov 30,  · [1] For you techies out there, CDs have a sample rate of KHz, and a dynamic range of 16 bits. High resolution audio files can reach as high as KHz/Bit, but are most often available at 96KHz/Bit. [2] Robert points out that in the early days of CD, the mastering job for vinyl and digital was the same. That changed over time, as mastering engineers were .
  2. Oct 10,  · To touch on why Cassettes are the new 45, as new garage (or punk, rap, everything really) a band can put out a physical release themselves with as little as dollars. Getting on vinyl or CD takes close to a grand as far as I can tell. I saw s and s of shows in the early 90s, from idie, garage, punk and experimental.
  3. Oct 05,  · the same rate, in the same spots) on various players, it might simply have been a speed problem in the machine the tape was recorded on. It sounds like he's done most of what one does when you have this problem, so I'd look into that. If the cassette was originally recorded in a machine with poor speed regulation there's no fixing it, except to.
  4. May 05,  · Another common issue is the cassette could just be shot, if the cassettes were kept in a place where they could have gotten hot like in the sun or in an attic, the coating on the tape can deform. I have also found that many cassettes from around seem to have a bad oxide coating on that tape the can shed off and cause the tape to create.
  5. Aug 16,  · This is a fun video that we made to compare the audio quality of a cassette tape and CD. Enjoy! Albums: Led Zeppelin IV, Secrets (Allan Holdsworth), Thriller (Michael Jackson), and Dogman (King's.
  6. Feb 01,  · Really good cassette decks sound great. Cheap crap decks are absolutely awful. So people who have never had good cassette decks will say they sound awful. However a high end deck like Nakamichi etc is near reel to reel quality. That's a fact and I .
  7. I feel like cassette was great for rock and roll and punk, but terrible for other genres, especially classical. Rock and punk often desire the imperfect sound. The crash of the symbols helps mimic this. This is why rock on AM/FM radio sounds so good, the radio adds a hiss and imperfections that change the way the music sounds.
  8. Dec 18,  · Parts like capacitors change value with age or leak. Parts for many cassette decks are not available, too expensive. or bad quality. Restoring one is not cheap and only worth while on the top of the line models. Not a simple job either. If you have tapes with content that can't be replaced then it might be time to rip your cassettes to computer.

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